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VERSA HD Imaging Platform

VERSA is a PENTAX Medical High-Definition platform based on CMOS and LED technology. With our tailor-made peripheral devices and well-known PENTAX Medical sales and service infrastructure, we provide you with a complete HD solution for every budget.

If you are looking for a complete and convenient to move system that makes diagnostics and your day to day therapeutic procedures easy to perform, then VERSA is your answer.

System benefits

Improved diagnosis with HD

High-Definition image quality supported by an image enhancement algorithm for a high-contrast observation of mucosal patterns and vascularization.

Consistent performance, minimized running costs

VERSA is based on CMOS HD sensor technology and uses a built-in LED light source to ensure a long lifetime and consistent performance. The technology helps to minimize maintenance costs. VERSA’s USB recording function helps reduce running costs, as pictures can be documented digitally with no additional printing expenditure required.

Reliable PENTAX Medical service infrastructure

PENTAX Medical’s VERSA platform comes with a comprehensive service offering, underlining our commitment as a trusted partner in after-sales service. Our well-established service infrastructure aims to minimize turn-around times and follows the highest quality repair and service standards. All repairs are backed by our warranty program.

Enhanced HD Images

Equipped with the high-resolution image sensor and LED illumination technology,
VERSA protects endoscopic color and presents high-quality images.

HbE (Hemoglobin Enhancement)

Detailed images of vein patterns are useful for advanced diagnosis of alimentary canals.

The Hemoglobin Enhancement function improves the projection and clarity of vein patterns.

It applies to real-time and frozen images as well.


VERSA processor fact sheet (incl. specs)

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VERSA brochure

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