Optional Peripheral Devices

The PENTAX Medical VERSA Endoscope series is designed to meet your diagnostic and day-to-day therapeutic needs. VERSA endoscopes represent our HD solution for every budget: optimizing your operating costs and giving you LED illumination.

Endoscopic CO2 Insuflator (PCI-V10c)

  • Intelligent air pressure control mechanism with an adjustable flow control.
  • Compact and portable design, easy to install to the endoscopic trolley.
  • One-touch operation and easy to use.

Automatic Leakage Tester (PLT-V10c)

  • Latest cantilever design, easy for loading and unloading, robust, durable and space saving.
  • Compatible with major endoscope brands for leakage testing. Find the pinhole leaks early, and potentially reduce the failure rate.

Endoscopic Trolley (PT-V10c)

  • Durable and stable endoscopic trolley, smooth and quiet to maneuver.
  • Adjustable panel height, large loading capacity to meet the demand of different medical staff.
  • Quality proven design of band brake wheel with high mechanical strenght and shock absorption.